We offer services in designing and developing project websites, organizational websites, and web applications, following KPI frameworks and the core development requirements. This includes creating e-commerce platforms and donation platforms, starting at 200,000 Baht.

We do not accept projects with the objective of corruption

We are happy to work diligently and adapt to revisions to ensure the project’s successful completion beyond the scope of the contract. However, we do not accept projects with objectives related to corruption, under-the-table payments, kickbacks, off-the-record funds, off-billing discounts, or any other form of benefit beyond the contracted work.

The Project Manager as a Technology Partner

We understand that technology is continuously evolving, and many organizations in Thailand face challenges related to personnel who may not have the expertise or prior experience in developing IT projects, websites, or web applications.

If you are in need of a Project Manager who acts as a technology partner, someone who constantly seeks innovation, ensures data dissemination that aligns with the project’s KPIs, and manages the entire online system on your behalf, whether it’s for your project, organization, or initiative, including preparing reports for funding sources, please inform us for a comprehensive cost assessment to help your project efficiently achieve its objectives

Effective meetings

For projects, initiatives, or systems with a value of 500,000 Baht or more, we would like to schedule weekly meetings, each lasting approximately 15-30 minutes. These meetings are meant for summarizing, discussing, and updating the current progress of the work and development plans to ensure the best outcomes and alignment with the client’s or funding source’s KPIs.

In cases where the project’s value is less than 500,000 Baht, we will schedule meetings as needed to define scope, design discussions, or for any other necessary purposes to facilitate smooth progress within the agreed-upon development framework.

The client in charge of developing the project website or technology system, to enhance organizational and project efficiency, will also have responsibilities in preparing data, project objectives, decision-making approvals, and participating in internal team meetings to ensure alignment before and during development

Post-development maintenance and support

Once the project is launched or published online, we will assist in ensuring its security and operational efficiency, allowing it to run smoothly and addressing potential issues. We will provide updates and system improvements when necessary, at no additional cost, for a minimum of 3 months.

Additionally, we will deliver the project, source code, and various knowledge assets generated during development to the client’s team according to their requirements, enabling them to maintain and further develop it as needed for future use and changes.

However, if the client wishes to have our team provide ongoing support, there will be a cost assessment based on 20% of the project development value, starting at an annual fee of 20,000 Baht