Develop the project website.

(Ready to use in 15 days)

We provide website development services for projects such as web applications and mobile applications that aim to develop society or operate within the non-profit sector, such as associations, foundations and organizations that do not seek profits. Our services are ready to use within 15 days to help reach the KPI.

Develop websites and applications for social change.

We offer web development services for project websites, web applications, and mobile applications aimed at social development or operated by social sector, associations, non-profit organizations that are ready to use within 15 days to conquer and meet KPIs.

Deliver a quality project in just 15 days.

"We prioritize urgency and the importance of your project. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality websites and applications quickly so that you can achieve your KPIs on time."

Developments that meet the needs of society.

"We provide web development, web applications, and mobile applications designed to support projects with a social development goal, making it suitable for non-profit organizations, associations, foundations, and the social sector."

Improve efficiency and accessibility.

We understand the importance of accessing and communicating with your target audience. That's why we create websites and applications that are easy to use, fulfilling the need to connect and make an impact in society.

Using cutting-edge technology for sustainable changes.

We constantly update our technology and skills to ensure that your project is developed with the latest technology, which helps your project have a sustainable impact on society.

Additional services to accelerate your work!

Project Manager as a Technology Partner.

We understand that technology is evolving, and many organizations in Thailand may face issues related to personnel who may not have the expertise or have never developed IT, website, or web application projects before.

If you require a project manager who acts as a technology partner, constantly strives for improvement, aligns with the project’s KPIs, and manages the online systems for your project, organization, or initiative, including the preparation of funding reports, please notify us for a cost-effective evaluation to help your project achieve its goals efficiently.

Website and Application Support Team

Projects, organizations, or foundations already have a website but haven’t received content updates due to insufficient staff and a lack of resources for long-term maintenance. They require a website support team to sustain continuous social impact.

We are happy to provide consultation, suggestions, analysis, and development strategies without charge, specifically for non-profit organizations in Thailand, with no profit-seeking intentions. Our technology-savvy team is here to assist the community and enhance our team’s continuous improvement. Please contact us for assistance.

Special privileges for websites of non-profit organizational clients

Expand and adapt all technological limitations to become flexible and feasible in order to accommodate project duration, aligning with funding requirements or development timelines for a society that requires time for sustainable long-term changes

Think and design

If the project only has content and what needs to be disseminated but lacks ideas for website presentation and layout, we will take care of this entire aspect for free

Formatting report templates

Monthly report design for funding submissions in Word format, including organization and summarization of essential content, is provided free of charge

"Participate in funding meetings

Steps for presentation for approval after the project development has commenced and updates are required for funding approval. We are happy to join you!

Free domain registration service

Registering two .com domains in the project's name at no additional cost for a period of 3 years, both in Thai and English, starting from the development commencement date

Free server hosting service

For small-scale projects that use a website to disseminate project progress content and have a total storage space usage of not exceeding 5GB

Free content updating service

We provide assistance in supporting content dissemination for a minimum period of 3 months after project delivery at no additional cost